Informed Consent for Dental Implant Surgery in Midtown Manhattan NY

  • In a certain percentage of patients, the implants either don’t osseointegrate (fuse with the bone) or lose the integration for various reasons. Implants are warrantied against defects over the patient’s lifetime by the manufacturers; we will be provided with a new implant if yours fail. Our fee for the replacement of a failed implant is 50% of the original fee, to cover the cost of our materials.
  • Regular hygiene, follow-up appointments, and following proper home care are all extremely important for the long-term success of implants.

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Benefits of Implants

Implants offer many benefits over traditional crown and bridge or dentures for tooth replacement. The younger you are, the more advantageous implants are for the long-term health of the mouth (teeth, bone, and gums) over your lifetime. Implants represent the only tooth replacement treatment that preserves bone at the site (maintaining the shape and structure of the jaws and face). They also do not involve the filing down of the uninvolved teeth surrounding the site(s) that crown and bridge require. Implants are the only permanent replacement option if an extraction site does not have surrounding teeth to support a crown and bridge. Implants are also the best solution for patients who are not able to support full dentures because of the shape of their gums, and enable the patient to avoid extensive bone graft/skin graft surgery. Single tooth implants are also advantageous over 3-tooth bridges because you can directly floss the contacts, instead of having to thread floss under a bridge.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Improved function (better chewing)
  • Esthetic enhancement (appearance)
  • Improved digestion, health and well-being
  • Avoidance of injury to adjacent teeth required for traditional crown and bridge
  • Avoidance of need for root canal which may result from crown and bridge
  • Helps maintain bone that would normally resorb over time
  • Solution for patients with no surrounding teeth around a site or who cannot support full dentures

Consent Forms

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